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Looking in the mirror and realizing that there might be a problem with your teeth can be a frightening experience. Some are forced to wonder if there is serious mouth pain their future, or if their friends and colleagues will notice a flaw in their teeth.

A healthy smile is an important possession, which is why it’s important to recognize tooth decay early. As soon as you recognize these signs, see your South Jordan dentist in Utah as soon as possible.

The whole reason for brushing and flossing is to keep damaging bacteria in your mouth at bay. This bacteria, combined with food, creates acid that can eat away the tooth’s protective layers, leading to pain (toothaches), infection and even losing teeth.

We hear the word “plaque” a lot when talking about teeth. Plaque contains the bacteria that can damage your teeth, which is why we try and get rid of the plaque. And of course it is a constant battle. There is always bacteria in the mouth, and we need consistent brushing and flossing to make sure we win the battle and the war.

In addition to brushing and flossing, the body produces its own fighting force. Minerals in our saliva, like calcium and phosphate, help the enamel of our teeth repair itself. We are always losing and gaining minerals.

If we look carefully, we may be able to see spots on our teeth where the enamel has begun to lose the mineral battle, meaning that the enamel is losing some of its protective power. A white spot may appear.

Dental checkups and cleanings are important because your South Jordan dentist can recognize these problems in the enamel. If caught soon enough, the decay is actually reversible, or at least it can be stopped. If the decay isn’t stopped, a cavity will form, and the dentist will most likely correct the problem with a filling.