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At the offices of John D. Stark, DDS, some our most basic cosmetic dental services come in the realm of cleaning and whitening. Our professional dental cleanings assist with everything from plaque and bacteria removal to gumline assessment and treatment, helping you attain and maintain a healthy white smile.

And while services like these plus your daily brushing and flossing habits are vital here, the foods you eat can also play a big role in the appearance of your teeth. In particular, there are several food or drink types that can stain or otherwise discolor your teeth – temporarily at first in most cases, but becoming more and more permanent as these kinds of stains grow and are not addressed. Let’s go over some of the food and beverage types you should avoid or at least be very careful about consuming if staining is an issue for you, plus a few alternatives that actually benefit oral health and stain reduction.

Foods and Drinks That Stain Easily

Some of the foods or drinks that are likely to stain the teeth most easily include:

  • Wine – both red and white types can stain, though it’s more common with red wine
  • Various berries
  • Juices – grape, cranberry, pomegranate and others
  • Coffee and mixed coffee drinks
  • Soy sauce
  • Tomato sauce (also ketchup)
  • Sodas and various sports drinks high in sugar
  • Tea
  • Hard candy formats
  • Beets

Now, we aren’t necessarily saying you can’t have any of these products whatsoever. Rather, it’s important to take care when you or your child is consuming them. If possible, try to brush or at least rinse the mouth thoroughly after consuming any significant quantities of the items above, even if this brushing is outside your usual schedule. Removing stain risks immediately will significantly limit the potential for them becoming permanent.

Foods and Drinks That Benefit a While Smile

On the flip side, there are several food and drink areas that actually help clean the teeth and prevent staining as they’ve being chewed. Many of these also provide additional oral or general health benefits. They include:

  • Various fruits: Apples, pineapples, and some others
  • Vegetables: Cauliflower, onions, celery, carrots, cucumbers, basil
  • Hard cheeses
  • Seeds, nuts and similar small items
  • Milk and yogurt

Where possible within your overall diet and oral health regimen, look to promote these kinds of foods. In particular, a diet consisting of significant portions of fruits and vegetables will be great for your general health, plus will offer the teeth regular respites from potential stains or other discoloration formats.

For more on preventing stains and discoloration in your teeth through multiple methods, including promoting the right foods while limiting consumption of certain other types, or to learn about any of our general family dentist services, speak to the staff at the offices of John D. Stark, DDS today.