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Dental Implant Treatment in South Jordan, UT

Dental Implants

Everyone would like the most beautiful smile possible. Unfortunately, if someone is missing teeth it can cause several problems including low self-esteem and confidence. Gaps in your mouth from a missing tooth not only alter your smile and appearance but can cause other oral problems as well. The most common option for replacing gaps or missing teeth is to undergo a dental implant procedure in South Jordan.

Helping Patients Preserve Bone Structure

When someone loses a tooth, it can cause the bone surrounding the missing tooth to retract or recede, causing the jaw to shrink in certain areas. Dental implants are the preferred method for treating missing teeth because they prevent atrophy from bone loss.

Dental implants stimulate the bone the way a natural tooth does. The biocompatible properties of titanium fuse the implant to the jaw and preserve the bone structure.

A Stable and Long-Lasting Smile

Dental implants offer a permanent solution to missing teeth and help stabilize your mouth & jaw. We surgically place the implants into the jawbone, in the space where the missing tooth is. The implants provide protection to your bite and improve the appearance of your smile.

Dental implants are a great solution, and function like natural teeth. They look natural and allow you to chew properly just like a natural tooth.

You Might be a Good Candidate

If you’ve lost permanent teeth, are struggling with dentures, or want to chew properly again, then dental implants might be an option for you. A good candidate for dental implants should have the following:

  • Healthy gums
  • Adequate bone structure to anchor the implants to the jaw
  • Good dental hygiene to ensure the implants and surrounding bone stay in good condition

Get your beautiful, healthy, & confident smile back. Stark Dentistry in South Jordan can provide you with dental implants that will look great and last for a long time. We use state-of-the-art equipment and up to date methods when we perform dental implant surgery. We’ve helped many people improve their smile, health, & confidence with dental implants.

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The following characteristics might make you a good candidate for implants:

 -> If you’ve lost permanent teeth.
 -> If you’re struggling with dentures.
 -> If you want to be able to chew again like before.
Missing teeth are sometimes a part of life. Whether it’s due to genetics, tooth decay, or injury, dental implants are your best option. Dental implants can give you a strong, functional replacement that looks and feels just like the real tooth. Recent advances in dental technology allows us to replace the missing tooth without affecting any of the surrounding teeth like a fixed dental bridge. This means we don’t have to grind down the adjacent teeth to place a bridge, which is better for the long-term health of your whole mouth. Dental implants are a great alternative to dental bridges and can relieve many of the headaches and problems caused by dentures.

One important benefit of dental implants is that they help preserve the jaw bone. When a tooth is removed the bone surrounding the tooth retracts or recedes. Wearing dentures can actually drastically accelerate this process. Furthermore, studies show that people who wear dentures live an average of 10 years less than those with their natural teeth or dental implants. Because of the amazing biocompatible qualities of titanium, dental implants will preserve the jaw bone as the implant itself fuses to the jaw.

Implants can improve the health of your whole mouth. All of our teeth actually lean on each other, with each on deriving strength from its neighbors. When you lose a tooth, the adjacent teeth begin to lean into the gap. Neighboring teeth can twist, drift forwards, or fall back. This process may eventually put your upper and lower jaw out of alignment, with a host of accompanying health problems such as headaches, gum disease and even the need to extract more teeth.

Dental implants are a permanent solution. Unlike dentures and bridges, dental implants offer a far more durable and long-lasting solution to missing teeth. They solid, secure, and will improve the look of your smile. Statistics show that even after years of use, they have a 90-95% proven success rate in cases where people have practiced good oral hygiene. Call today for a consultation if you have missing teeth or struggle with dentures!